Noel Young Studio Self Organizing Released

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Self Organizing Released

This post is a bit late to the party, as this blog didn’t exist on April 17th when the single was released, but you can find it now at or on Bandcamp. I wrote this song as a submission to a compilation album with a theme of transformation. It didn’t make it in, but I’m happy with the result, and it was a challenge to write something that had vocals (in this case, synthesized) and lyrics.

I chose to write a song that was about the transformative powers of superstition and alienation. In retrospect, it feels like a bit of a reaction to the currently anxious pandemic state of the world, but initially it drew inspiration more from classical depictions of evil. Either way, it’s a lot more frantic than most of what I write!

Have a listen now if you’re interested, and as always, thanks for visiting.

- Noel

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