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Hello World!

Or, more appropriately, hello again, world! I’ve ported these sites over to Jekyll from a shambolic, years-old mess of a front-end toolchain. Not a lot whole lot has changed outside of a few minor layout tweaks; the addition of a blog (hello, world!); and a music portfolio site, available at

The addition of the blog, plus the new setup’s allowance for much faster updates and changes, should mean more frequent updates going forward. I’ll try, anyway! In the pipeline right now it’s mainly music work, which will be followed by some concept art and, with any luck, some animation. We’ll see. The goal at the moment is to produce a proof-of-concept gameplay sample for a game I’d love to develop.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, thanks for the interest! There’s always more coming. Please look forward to it!

- Noel

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